different markings
so many different markings are possible

TST Road & Area Marking LLC

Traffic Security Technic

  • Individualisation car park
  • bicycle lane
  • playgrounds
  • warehouse marking
  • parking garage marking - any sign in any color
  • surface branding - your logo wherever you want

TST Road & Area Marking LLC is a new marking company in the Emirates located Dubai. Our managing director Christian Freund has been working in road marking for 34 years and has successfully managed his own company in Germany for now 18 years .

At the end of 2008 he sold 50% of his shares to Geveko Markings Germany. This has since developed into a very successful and close partnership for both of them. The TST Germany is the largest material purchaser of Geveko Markings in Germany.

In addition, he is responsible for technical service in the Geveko Group worldwide in the field of application technology.

Due to our success in Germany and the extensive experience of our company in road marking, we have decided to expand our activities to the Emirates.

With our experience, efficiency and high flexibility we will find the right solution for your requirements. As a member of the Geveko Group, we have the great advantage of working directly with the material supplier.

Geveko Markings is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a full range of materials for road markings worldwide.

Geveko Markings was founded in 1924, and has been producing road markings material since 1946. Hence, Geveko Markings has a long history in the road marking industry, and over the years we have gained knowledge and expertise about horizontal markings.

The satisfaction of our customers always comes first for us.

Have a look at our German website to get an impression of our activities not only in Germany also worldwide.